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Location based reminders don't concider date field

harv says:
I have a strange problem with the location based reminders.

I set a bunch of tasks I have to do @Work on various dates starting from today until the end of next month. When I get to work i get reminded about all of them, instead just of the ones that are due today, not mentioning hour based reminders :)

Am I using it wrong? Bug or feature ? :))

I use the Android App and webinterface.

Posted at 5:46am on June 27, 2012
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi harv,
That's correct: currently location reminders do not consider the due date; sorry for any inconvenience. Thanks for your feedback that you'd like it to be a bit more short-term. :)
Posted 7 years ago
harv says:
Oh that's a shame. You know, it's a little overwhelming when you get a reminder about 40+ tasks :D
Posted 7 years ago
msmith25 says:
I actually really appreciate that it does this. It makes it possible for me to have a GTD system in RTM with built-in reminders for many locations. Everyone has a different approach, and it's hard to accommodate everyone. I just ask the RTM team that if they decide to make location-based reminders account for the due date somehow, they make it optional. :-)
Posted 7 years ago
(closed account) says:
I fully agree with you. I startet my way into ztd and it would be a major benefit for me too!
Posted 7 years ago
karen.alpert says:
Just want to put in my vote that it would be nice if location reminders could consider the due date. I don't want RTM reminding me about a task I can't start until next week just because I'm in the location where the task must be done. For now, I've stopped using location reminders.
Posted 7 years ago
sirsiggi says:
Same goes for me. It would be nice to have a flag or something which makes these 2 conditions interdependent if necessary.
Posted 7 years ago
echarles says:
I'd agree with that. It's really a pointless feature if it just shoves all the tasks in that location at you at once. Just today would be great. Even better would be ability to specify how many days worth to show for locations. Best of all, specify how many days for each location individually. (And after that I'll have the moon on a stick please. :D)
Posted 7 years ago
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