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Tasks showing up multiple times on my Google calendar on Android

fisherw says:
I suspect this is not an RTM problem but rather a problem specifically with the Android Google calendar, but posting it here in the hopes that someone may have had the same problem and figured out a fix!

I have a personal and a shared list which I subscript to with gcal. When I look at my calendar on my PC in Chrome, everything looks good and calendar entries show up just once

However, when I look at my calendar on my phone, recurring items show up multiple times. For some items that have been on my calendar for a while, I have 10+ copies!

EG I have "feed the dog" at 5pm every day - When I look at my calendar on my phone I see ten "Feed the dogs" today, another 10 tomorrow etc

Its made my phone calendar essentially worthless

Phone is an HTC with Sense running Android 2.3. Im using the stock google calendar
Posted at 10:48pm on June 25, 2012
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi fisherw,
Would it be possible to contact us to discuss some specifics? Thanks!

In the meantime, if you wish to turn off the iCalendar just on your phone, you can do so in the Android Calendar's Settings.
Posted 5 years ago
fisherw says:
It turns out its an Android bug!msg/calendar/350-bnqKpnY/e8oeMUr4olYJ
Posted 5 years ago
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