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Gmail Choices

davecahn says:
I just signed up for RTM. I am asked to choose between "Remember the Milk for Gmail Browser Add-on" and "Remember the Milk Gaget for Gmail Labs." How do I know if I have Gmail Labs? If I do, what is the difference between the two editions?
Posted at 10:20pm on June 22, 2012
brendan says:
Hi davecahn,
Gmail Labs is a feature of Gmail which is available to all users. The Gmail Labs Gadget appears on the left side of your Gmail page (below your folder list) and displays overdue tasks, tasks due in the next week, and (optionally) tasks that have no due date.

The Gmail Browser Add-on is displayed on the right side of the page and is able to show tasks further in the future. In addition, you can search within the add-on to locate specific tasks.

Hope that helps!
Posted 5 years ago
davecahn says:
I guess I don't have the Labs Gadget, as I see nothing like it at the bottom of my folders list.. I'll try the Browser one and see what happens. Thank you.
Posted 5 years ago
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