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Some questions...

daniele.tiles says:
I'm not sure this is the right plae to forgive me if I did wrong ;)
I already wrote a feedback to thank for this beautiful site, but I have got some questions:
--As I wrote you, I've developed a plugin for Outlook 2003 in order to subscribe iCalendars through the web...I received a request for help on subscribing to your iCalendar, so I signed to try this site, as you can read ;)
I made some workarounds, and so yesterday I have uploaded the new version of my this, every Outlook user will be able to subscribe with your iCalendar...but there is only a problem: they are able to subscribe only published lists...I made a way to ask for username & password in case of a HTTP authorization request, but there are sometimes where it doesn't work, so I'd like to ask: do you use WebDAV? I'm trying to understand why there re some cases why it doesn't work ;))
--What technologies do you use? If someone was interested in helping developing? (Haven't got much time, but I'm very, very curious)
Continue this way...great job ;)


P.S.: In the new version, you're cited, of course ;)
Posted at 9:39pm on October 15, 2005
etoile says:
I know Ajax is used for a large part of the site:
Posted 12 years ago
daniele.tiles says:
Yeah, I had already see that website...
Thank you for your answer...but none is able to tell me if Rememberthemilk supports WebDAV or not? :((
Thank you

Posted 12 years ago
daniele.tiles says: seems to work now with not-world published list...:))

Posted 12 years ago
daniele.tiles says:
And I have to thank Omar for his preciuos help!! ;)
(That was the purpose of the message, but I'm quite tired tonight ;))
Posted 12 years ago
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