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Moving Milksync for Outlook to a New Computer

donald.wygal says:
I've searched all over and haven't seen any info on this topic.

I've been happily using Milksync with Outlook 2010 and windows 7 for close to a year now. I just bought a new computer and I've moved my Outlook .pst file to the new machine and all is working well there. I want to install Milksync on the new machine, but I'm concerned that I'll end up with duplicates of everything after it syncs.

What's the right way to do this so that I don't end up with that problem?

Posted at 7:15pm on February 25, 2012
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Don,
First, make sure to make a backup of your tasks in Remember The Milk and in Outlook. After that, the easiest way would probably be to restore your tasks via MilkSync; that will clear them in Outlook and redownload from Remember The Milk, so it will "reset" MilkSync so there's no duplication.

Hope this helps!
Posted 11 years ago
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