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Gmail and RTM, a race with moving target or can they become synergic?

mmasroorali says:
Dear All,
It has been a relatively short period since I started using RTM, and in this brief period I have become a fan of RTM.

I use the gmail extension for RTM. And there comes the problem. RTM sometimes stops working, and then you need to go through a number of processes based on heuristics where you are not very sure which of these is going to work for you. Also you need to wait before RTM engineers re-code and update their extension to support the new Gmail code.

As we can find (, Gmail releases a new version every seven days on the average. So, you can reasonably anticipate that RTM will stop working once in a week.

The scenario is not good for anybody. RTM always seem to be chasing a moving target. It succeeds eventually, only to find a new target in a few days.

As a concerned user, may we please ask RTM and gmail (Google) to reach some kind of synergic arrangement? This should be beneficial for everybody concerned.

I am not sure how the conflict of interests, if there is any, is to be resolved.

Perhaps other users would like to put in their comments.
Posted at 11:12am on January 20, 2012
joelkrueger says:
I agree whole-heartedly.

I recently switched to RTM from another product, largely due to RTM's excellent Android app, and am quite happy so far. I'm using RTM with my Google Apps for Business Domain.

However, the Gmail browser add-on (I'm using Chrome), while lovely and very useful, is unreliable. I've only been using RTM for a couple of weeks but the Gmail add-on has already stopped working twice due to changes in Gmail. This, in turn, has disrupted my ability to really incorporate RTM into my workflow since certain key features I'd like to use (e.g., creating tasks from specific labels) break with each change. Fixes seem to come rapidly but I have to alter how I use RTM within Gmail for several days until they come along. Needless to say, this is less than ideal.

Might deeper integration between RTM and Google Apps be forthcoming? For example, GQueues--which I used prior to RTM--could be added directly to my domain as a Gmail gadget via the Google Apps Marketplace, circumventing the need to use it as a browser extension.
Posted 9 years ago
(closed account) says:
Agree completely!
Posted 9 years ago
brendan says:
Thank you all for your feedback on this!

Currently, the Gmail Browser Add-on uses the Gmail/Greasemonkey API, which is considered to be experimental. You can find some additional information about it and a link to the API at the bottom of this page.

At the present time we don't have any announcements about updating the add-on to access Gmail by a different method, but I'll make sure our development team gets this for review. We appreciate the feedback on this.
Posted 9 years ago
jon.mead says:
mmasroorali and joelkrueger - completely agree, same path and same experience
Posted 9 years ago
bgarwood says:
I am with everyone here. I use the add-on everday and it kills me when it stops working. My version has updated 3 times this month already.

I keep hearing from RTM that there is no long-term solution, but I have to believe there are some smart, creative people there that could come up with a better solution.

Any chance you guys at RTM could contact Google and see if you can request specific users to not be changed to a new version so often? That seems like a reasonable solution if the technical route isn't possible.

Posted 9 years ago
jsmillie says:
I'm also with everyone here. For awhile last year it didn't work more often than it worked, then I've had a long period where it was almost always functional for me, and I got spoiled. Now it's been down for 2+ days and it reminds me both how much I like RTM and the interface with gmail, and how annoying the unsupported version glitch is. If there is anything customers can do to help, please let us know.
Posted 9 years ago
jsmillie says:
thanks for fixing "27302427".
Posted 9 years ago
mmasroorali says:
Yes, now I am almost adjusted to the cycle of three on and then two off days.

Right now I am in the off area of the curve.
Posted 9 years ago
danep says:
Hear, hear...
Posted 9 years ago
demaderios says:
Well if it's any consolation, I haven't had ANY days I could use RTM inside of gmail since I purchased the Pro version (two weeks ago), which makes RTM basically worthless for me. My versions of gmail consistently outreach the current support level by one or two iterations. I'm currently on "27782405".

To say I'm a bit frustrated would be an understatement..
Posted 9 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Sorry to hear your Gmail keeps getting updated. :( That version is not yet supported, but I've added it to our list to investigate.
Posted 9 years ago
jhollington says:
FWIW, this is one of the main reasons I've been sticking with the Gmail Gadget rather than the browser extension. The gadget doesn't provide all of the same functionality, of course, but given the choice between the few extra features and a stable RTM integration, I'll take the latter :)

As an added bonus, the gadget is available regardless of where or what browser I access my Gmail account from.
Posted 9 years ago
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