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Syncing Outlook tasks back to outlook - what happens?

martin.christensen says:
I consider going "pro" due to the MilkSync features. I have however the following concerns on risks for spoiling my outlook tasks:
1) What will happen to the tasks I have with attached spreadsheets, mails or other objects. I assume on first sync from Outlook to RTM, that they will not appear in RTM, but what happens on the next sync from RTM to Outlook?
2) How are formatting in notes managed. Will my text marked bold become regular when syncing back from RTM to Outlook?
Posted at 8:28pm on January 8, 2012
brendan says:
Hi martin.christensen,
Files that you've attached in Outlook will not be transferred to Remember The Milk, but they will not be removed from the task in Outlook. You'll still be able to access these files after syncing.

Unfortunately, formatting of notes can not be preserved if any modifications to the notes are made in Remember The Milk. The reason for this is that Remember The Milk supports multiple notes per task, while Outlook has a single Notes field. MilkSync uses a special format in the Outlook Notes field to separate different notes, but formatting from Outlook will be lost. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.
Posted 10 years ago
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