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Unsupported version (26647711)

jon.mead says:
My version of Gmail was supported, this morning I couldn't get things to work, so I checked the the current version of my Gmail is not - assuming Gmail must have been upgraded (see below). How long does RTM take to catch up with versions?

You are currently using Gmail version "26647711".
This version is unsupported by Remember The Milk for Gmail.
Posted at 11:47am on January 7, 2012
brendan says:
Hi jon.mead,
Thanks for letting us know about the new version. This version is now supported!

Unfortunately we're not able to say how long it will take for a particular update. The new version needs to be reviewed by a member of our engineering team to see what kinds of changes need to be made.
Posted 9 years ago
jon.mead says:
Fantastic, great turnaround - love the product.
Posted 9 years ago
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