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RTM crashes on iPad, but not iPhone

victore says:
The latest version of the RTM app crashes as soon as I tap the "Done" button to enter my credentials. This happens on both a original iPad and iPad 2. They are running the latest iOS version. I can, however, logon just fine on a 3GS also running the latest iOS.

The problem may be account related as I can logon using another RTM account, but I can't explain why I can logon just fine w/a iPhone, but not w/a iPad. I have contacted RTM support and they suggested that I review my tasks to see if there are any w/a large "Notes" field. I went as far as to deleted all 2000+ completed tasks, but I still can't logon from a iPad.
Posted at 7:24pm on December 27, 2011
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi victore,
Since we've been in touch via email, we'll get back to you there as soon as we have word from our engineer; in the meantime, thanks for your patience!
Posted 12 years ago
victore says:
Thanks Andrew. I'll keep waiting.
Posted 12 years ago
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