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Adding Task via Label not working

alicea says:
Adding label (with default due: today) to an email does not seem to add it to my Inbox (as no default list set). Is there a delay or sync which must happen? Any advise appreciated.

Using supported Chrome 25799965 version on XP Pro.
Posted at 4:23pm on December 6, 2011
alicea says:
Update: Although I had double checked everything 2-3 times before, I double checked everything again and found that I couldn't get to the Tasks tab. Did Control-R (refresh browser) which took me back to Inbox and went back in to Settings and could now get in to Tasks tab to find the Label was now off. Turned on and now works fine. Whatever :-)
Posted 9 years ago
brendan says:
Hi alicea,
Glad to hear it's working for you now! :)
Posted 9 years ago
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