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custom defined keyboard shortcuts?

mike.gunville says:
Is there a way to custom define keyboard shortcuts? When adding items via iPad, it's a pain to switch through two keyboards to find the "#" symbol to associate a task with a list and a date (e.g. letters->numbers->symbols).

If that's not an option, would it be possible to take some of the entry real-estate to have a vertical menu with my tags, allowing me to check off the ones I want to use?
Posted at 8:17pm on December 2, 2011
brendan says:
Hi mike.gunville,
It's not currently possible to define custom Smart Add shortcuts, sorry.

In the meantime, on the iPad app, if you add a task by using the "Add Task" space at the top of each list, you'll see an icon representation of each shortcut. Tap on this to reveal the appropriate suggestions (tags, locations, etc.). Using these will fill in the shortcut characters for you.

Hope that helps!
Posted 12 years ago
dawnmanske says:
Please come up with a keyboard shortcut for creating a new task! I have this wonderful bluetooth keyboard that I use with my iPad. I love RTM and would love to just sit and key in lots of tasks without having to remove my hand from the keyboard to touch the screen for the next task...not helpful in the flow of thoughts for what needs to get done today
Posted 12 years ago
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