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Meeting reminders, Google calendar

admirau says:
Is there any way to add a hour (not only the day) to the task and have a reminder (~15 minutes before), like in Google calendar?

(I'm using Google Calendar app from HTC phone, so I don't have access to the RTM for GC scripts)

Which is the best way to tie the two together?
Posted at 4:08pm on November 2, 2011
brendan says:
Hi admirau,
When you set the due date for a task, you can also set a due time. A task could be due "today at 4:45pm", for example. You can then configure your Remember the Milk Reminder settings to issue a reminder 15 minutes before the task is due. This page gives some further details on configuring your reminders.

If you'd like to see your tasks as events on your calendar, you may want to try subscribing to the iCalendar (Events) feed. You can find instructions on subscribing to the feed here.

Hope that helps!
Posted 12 years ago
admirau says:
Thank you, this was helpful indeed.
Posted 12 years ago
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