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Floating Sidebar (yes, again)

screaser says:
I love so many things about RTM, but I'm getting very close to abandoning it forever. I just can't take the distraction of the floating sidebar!

If it were possible to set an option to keep that piece completely fixed on the screen (motion is so distracting)! I'd be a fan for life. I would even be willing to help program this feature.

As an interface designer myself I can say that you've done some really great things here. This "neat-o" feature, though, seems to severely impact usability.

Posted at 3:13pm on November 17, 2006
rmchale says:
I find it very distracting as well..
Posted 12 years ago
baldo says:
you can override the moving menu function with greasemonkey...
Posted 12 years ago
rmchale says:
do you have a working greasemonkey script?
Posted 12 years ago
calibertolls says:
I really like RTM, but the floating sidebar scrolling at a snail's pace is making me use it less and less I am afraid. It is very annoying. It wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't so slow. It makes doing anything on RTM take forever.

Posted 12 years ago
michael.altheimer says:
Agree it is distracting. Perhaps the task list could have its own separate vertical scrollbar, so the rest of the page (menus, list tabs, sidebar) would remain static as the task list is being scrolled.
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
I'm unable to help with anything specifically, but I wonder if this Greasemonkey script:

could be adapted to fulfill what you're asking for.

I'd also chime in my vote that I dislike the floating sidebar. I'd much rather have it be fixed position. It's not to a point where I can't use the service -- far from it -- but I do find it to be an unnecessary visual distraction.
Posted 12 years ago
deanhouseholder says:
Agreed. Can it be fixed in place PLEASE???
Posted 12 years ago
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