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Milc Sync does not send new Category from Outlook to RTM

denny546 says:
A similar topic is mentioned in this closed posting:

But I still have this Problem. I have synched all tasks and the categories (which are normal Lists in RTM) are fine. If I now add a new Task with a new (unknown to RTM) category, the new category (List in RTM) is not created and the task is not transferred to RTM.

Will this issue be fixed or do I missunderstand the concept how sync is workin in Milk sync?
Posted at 12:28pm on August 15, 2011
brendan says:
Hi denny546,
As long as you're using the "Synchronize all lists" sync option, a task created with a new category in Outlook will create a new list in Remember the Milk when a sync is performed. You can find this option in the web app by using the Sync tab of the Settings screen.

If this isn't the behavior you're seeing, would you be able to contact us? We'd love to take a closer look.

Posted 11 years ago
denny546 says:
Hi Brendan,

thanks. I found it and it works fine for me now. But I dont like this option as it also populates lists in Outlook I don't want to see there.

However the solution is working and the new category becomes a list in RTM. Would be a feature request to allow this without having all lists published (like Inbox or sent LOL )

Posted 11 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi Denny,
Thanks for your feedback. It is also possible to uncheck the "Synchronize all lists" option, but you'd need to add those lists to sync accordingly. (New lists are not enabled for syncing by default.)

Hope this helps!
Posted 11 years ago
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