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Repeating Tasks

svenden says:
This is part bug, part suggestion, and perhaps part user error.

I'm confused about how the repeat function works. When do the repeating events get placed on your tasklist? For example, I just created a "test" task, and set it due for today and to repeat every 1 day. Then I completed the task, and have yet to see a new one appear. Shouldn't the next one due appear immediately after completing the current one?

Additionally, it would be nice to have a setting that would allow us to specify a time window in which RTM should show recurring tasks. For example, I would like it to list anything due within the next week, even if that means listing the same item 7 times because it's due every day. Others may want that window to be 2 weeks, or a whole month, or whatever.
Posted at 8:44pm on October 14, 2005
indigoviolet says:
worried about this
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
I've had the same problem. I setup a list called 'Birthdays' and set a task to recur "every year" (as opposed to 'after a year').

When I marked this year's birthday complete, the task simply disappeared and was only visible on the completed list.

Like you I expected the task to re-appear for the specified day, next year, but it didn't.

Posted 12 years ago
aebaxter says:
I've also created multiple test events with various repeats trying to get them to show up on my task list again with no results. I'd love to get some insight into this as well.
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
Yes, me too. I want the repeating tasks to appear all the time. For instance, if I create a task called "Brush my teeth" and set it to repeat every day, I want my that task to show up on my Today view, on my Tomorrow view, and 7 times on my Weekly Planner.

Maybe this needs to be a configurable option on the task. In Outlook, I can set a task to recurr every day; in this case the task shows up every day. Or I can set the task to regenerate after it is completed; in this case the task only shows up today and when I complete it, it shows up tomorrow.
Posted 12 years ago says:
Oh good, so it isn't just me, then...

And in terms of a new feature, I'd like the option to say "Repeat this task on the 15th of the month or on the Friday a day or two before if the 15th is a Saturday or Sunday".
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
I've waited a day and my repeating tasks don't show up at all. As near as I can tell repeating tasks don't. Please fix this.
Posted 12 years ago
biancolo says:
Just want to chime in on this. I had some repeating tasks set to repeat every weekday. This worked on the first weekday (a new set of these tasks was created), but the next day no new tasks were created.
Posted 12 years ago
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