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Archived Lists Still Appearing on iPad

patrick.blanchfield says:
Hi -

Love RTM and the iPhone app (I've been a pro user for two years now!). Unfortunately, I'm having some problems with the iPad version: my archived lists remain visible even after quitting the application (per the forum instructions given to another user on the forum who had the same problem with the iPhone) and also after restarting the iPad entirely.

This is very frustrating because I have a great many archived lists and having them crowd my active ones makes using RTM more cumbersome.

Thanks for your help fixing this problem!

Posted at 6:33pm on July 13, 2011
patrick.blanchfield says:
Thanks RTM for getting back me so promptly (via e-mail). A reset via RTM's settings menu on the iPad app did indeed fix the problem! And now I have no excuse for not being productive again!
Posted 12 years ago
brendan says:
Glad we could help! :)
Posted 12 years ago
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