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Ruins tasks with start date

drobins9 says:
Hello- I signed up for this service, but stopped using it some time ago, becuase it was ruining my tasks that had a start date. Like many people, I use a GTD system that involves tasks (some recurring) with start dates in the future, and views that hide the tasks with a future start date. When one of those tasks was completed, Outlook would generate a new one. When RTM synced, it would not only not sync the start date, but it would strip the start date out of my task and my recurring task. Outlook would then generate another iteration of the task, and instead of having no future-dated tasks viewable, I would see the next 2 that were due, with no start date and with their correct due date. Then, if I tried to put the start date back on one of those tasks, Outlook would generate a third one.

Has this problem been fixed? If not, is there a way I can get a partial refund?
Posted at 1:18pm on June 30, 2011
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi drobins9,
Would it be possible to contact us so we can discuss some details and get a sync log?

Posted 11 years ago
srichert says:
I've got the same complaint. It seems to be stripping the start-date off my Outlook tasks. Is there any work-around, at least?
Posted 11 years ago
brendan says:
Hi srichert,
Would you be able to contact us as well? We'd love to get some details and take a closer look at this.

Posted 11 years ago
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