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Paying for in-app purchase on an iPad without a credit card

ondrejk says:

I want my dad to try out RTM on both his iPad and his computer, but I don't know what's the most painless way to pay for the monthly in-app purchase. He has an AppStore without a credit card (he has a reason), so I'll have to help out. What are the choices?

1) Can I temporarily add my card to his account?

2) Should I log in on his iPad from my account and buy the in-app purchase? Making him reliable on my intervention when he wants to update to app?

Or something else? I'm not in the US/UK store (so no gift cards afaik)

Thanks for any info.
Posted at 6:29am on June 21, 2011
action.manager says:
You can buy an RTM gift code:
Posted 12 years ago
brendan says:
As action.manager mentioned, you can purchase a gift Pro account via the website. However, using this method, only the 1 year Pro upgrade is available.

If possible, you may want to use the Reset function to log yourself out of the app and login under his account on your device. Then you can make the purchase, and use the Reset function again to log in again under your account. This would allow you to make the purchase on your device, but the upgrade would apply to his account.

The Reset function clears all the app data from your device, so be sure you sync before using this.

Hope that helps!
Posted 12 years ago
ondrejk says:
Brendan, that is easier that I thought, will try when I get to my iPad, thanks!

I am aware of the gift codes, but I want him to try out the service before dropping $25 for a year account.
Posted 12 years ago
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