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One Way Sync

donegal.wilson says:
Anyone have any luck with maintaining a work list that sync's with work computer and home computer that syncs all lists? I thought if I synced the work list once then turn milksync to one way outlook to RTM at work and two way at home with all lists i could do it. But apparently one way is not really one way...when I turned syncing for all lists back on in rtm all my tasks downloaded to my work computer even though it was set one way outlook to rtm only. Any work arounds or is this just wishful thinking?
Posted at 12:02am on June 1, 2011
brendan says:
As you expected, a one-way sync from Outlook to Remember the Milk should not download tasks to Outlook on your work computer. If you'd like some help in getting this setup, would you be able to contact us so we can get some additional details?

Posted 11 years ago
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