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smart lists as option for default list

michael.roy says:
I wish that I could make a smart list my default list. I have a smart list that shows me tasks that are priority one or priority two or have a due date within three weeks, and that is what I use to decide what to do on any given day. Anyone else find it annoying that smart lists aren't available as default lists on the ipad app?

( That said, it is otherwise a huge improvement over using the iphone app on the ipad. thnks)
Posted at 1:58am on May 24, 2011
brendan says:
Thanks for your feedback on this. I'll make sure the development team gets this for review.
Posted 13 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Closely related to this, I would love to couple the number displayed on the app's badge to the tasks in a smart list. That would be very, very helpful.
Posted 13 years ago
brendan says:
Thanks for your feedback on this as well!
Posted 13 years ago
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