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RTM via iPad Safari - virtual keyboard

jcocking says:
I prefer using RTM on my iPad with safari and the website. How do I access the virtual keyboard to use the keyboard shortcuts?

I have not figured out how to force the keyboard to show for a non-input screen. I.e. Set priority, etc.

Thanks in advance

Posted at 3:03pm on January 27, 2011
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
It's not possible to use keyboard shortcuts from the iPad; the keyboard will only pop up when you're in a text field. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Posted 13 years ago
newmilkentry says:
What I do is tap in the "Add New Task" bar at the top of my list, then use a Smart Add shortcut symbol such as "!" for priority. Then just type 1,2 or 3 and the symbol is added to the new task. For an existing task, just select it by tapping in its checkbox, then lap the "More Actions" drop-down list above and select the action you want, such as ...Set Priority 1. It's just like RTM on your desktop browser.

Hope that helps
Posted 13 years ago
jcocking says:
Thank you for your entry. It solved the prio problem.

Posted 13 years ago
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