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Adding multiple

merlinmann says:
What's the fastest way to add a big list of new items?

Would be neat if there were a textarea to drop into--or if it could accept a list via email.

(Sorry if I missed this someplace)
Posted at 7:33pm on October 13, 2005
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hmm, I'm not sure what the fastest way would be. Remember The Milk is really optimized for adding one task at a time right now, but if bulk adding is something people would find useful, we can always look at adding that feature.

Would an import feature solve your problem? This is something we're already looking at doing, as we're receiving many requests from people who want to import their data from Outlook/iCal.
Posted 12 years ago
merlinmann says:
Yeah, that would be swell.

I can do this right now with Backpack and love it. Take a bunch of notes, drop them in an email to the site, one per line, and the magic makes them check-off-able list items.

Posted 12 years ago
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