Remember The Milk for Google Assistant

Google Assistant, meet Remember The Milk!

Let your Google Assistant help manage your Remember The Milk tasks! Tell your Assistant to remind you, and the task will instantly be added to your list. Ready to get things done? Just ask your Assistant what's due today.

Getting started

This Action gives you the power of Remember The Milk anywhere that Google Assistant is available. To get started, visit the Actions directory:

Get the Action for Google Assistant

Once you're set up, tell your Assistant that you'd like to talk to Remember The Milk. Then, try saying the following things to your Assistant!

Ok Google, talk to Remember The Milk

You can also ask your Assistant to run a specific action quickly with:

Ok Google, ask Remember The Milk to remind me to pick up the milk at 5pm

Tell Google Assistant to add tasks

Think of something that belongs on your to-do list? Tell your Assistant to add the task to your Remember The Milk account:

Remind me to pay the electricity bill on Tuesday
Remind me to pick up the milk at 5pm
Remind me to take out the trash at 7pm on Friday
Remind me to walk the dog every day at 9am
Remind me about the meeting every Monday at 10am

Tell Google Assistant to give tasks to your contacts

Need a little help with a task? Tell your Assistant to give the task to one of your Remember The Milk contacts:

Remind Alice to book flights to New York on Friday
Remind Bob to return the library books on Wednesday at 4pm

Ask Google Assistant what's due

Need to know what's due? No problem! Your Assistant can tell you what's coming up, and more.

What's due on Friday?
What's due this week?
What do I have to do at 9:30am on Thursday?
What tasks do I have due next Tuesday?
What tasks do I have at home?
Show me my tasks list

Ask Google Assistant to search your tasks

Looking for tasks about something in particular? Search for them!

Show me my tasks about cake
Do I have any tasks about bills?
Are there any tasks about meetings this morning?

Ask Google Assistant to send you reminders

Have your Remember The Milk reminders delivered to your Google Assistant.

Send me reminders

Add Remember The Milk to your routines

Learn what's due today in your Google Assistant routines.

Add to routine