Gmail add-on

Manage your tasks with Remember The Milk for Gmail.


Manage your tasks

Once installed, you'll see a tasks pane on the right in Gmail. You can customise which tasks are shown (with options to filter based on list, Smart List, tag, location, or advanced search criteria) and decide how to sort and group your tasks. Adding new tasks is easy. Just enter your task in the box provided.

Add task

You can add tasks like:

Pick up the milk

Call Lizzie at 9am tomorrow

Return library books in 2 weeks

You can use the Smart Add syntax to specify additional task properties.

Take out the trash Monday at 8pm *weekly #errand

To complete, postpone, delete, or view and edit a task's details, just move your mouse over a task in the list.

Task details

If you change your mind, don't worry -- you can undo too.

Undo task completion

Connect tasks with your mail

Say you have an email that requires a follow up, or contains a task that you need to remember -- you might star this message, or maybe label it with "To Do". RTM can automatically create a task when you star a message, or label a message with a specific label.

Star or label to create task

You can change your preferences for these features by going to the Settings screen in Gmail, then clicking on Tasks.

Settings for Tasks

You can also create a task from an email by selecting Create task from the More Actions dropdown.

More Actions

When you're ready to reply or follow up on the email, mouse over the task details. You'll see an icon linking to the original email -- click on it to reply. Once you've sent the email, the task will be automatically completed.

Task linked with email

Now you'll never forget to reply to Aunt Sally, or follow up with your boss about that report she emailed to you.

Connect tasks with Google Calendar events

Google Calendar

No need to check your calendar when setting due dates! Remember The Milk talks to Google Calendar when it detects that you're adding a task related to an event in your calendar, and automagically figures out when your task is due.

Add task with event

You can add tasks like:

Organize flowers 2 days before Mother's Day

Call Jimmy on Thanksgiving

Write up minutes after team meeting

Send thank you notes 1 month after my wedding

Connect tasks with your contacts

Need to remember to call or email someone? When you add tasks that start with special action keywords, followed by a person's name, RTM will automagically link up the task with the Gmail contact who it's associated with.

Add task with contact

You can add tasks like:

Call Nathan about report tomorrow

Email Caitlin today

Ask Alice about trip to Spain

Follow up with Jason in 2 months

You'll see that your contact is linked with the task in the task details. If your task is to email your contact, just click on Email contact here to compose an email to them. Once you've sent the email, the task will be automatically completed.

Task linked with contact

Now, what if you wanted to see all tasks linked with a contact? No problem! On the Contacts screen in Gmail, just select the contact(s) you'd like to see. All the tasks linked with the contact will be displayed on the right.

Tasks linked with contact