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Introducing MilkScript: Automate tasks

Like to write your own code? MilkScript lets you create scripts to automate a wide variety of things—for example, creating tasks from templates, removing unused tags, generating task reports, and more. We give you a code editor right in the web/desktop app, so there's nothing to install. Learn more about getting started with MilkScript.

Remember The Milk for Zapier is here

Zapier makes it easy to connect Remember The Milk with other apps and automate your workflows. Simple recipes known as "Zaps" can help you to add tasks, share your tasks with other services, and get things done. Learn more about Remember The Milk for Zapier.

New Remember The Milk for Gmail

You can quickly add tasks to Remember The Milk without leaving your inbox, thanks to our new Gmail add-on. Tasks added from Gmail can include the email content as a note, have handy fields (like due date, priority, list, and tags), and be given to your contacts if you need help.

Hey Google!

Remember The Milk now works with your Google Assistant! Tell your Assistant to remind you, and the task will instantly be added to your list. Want to know what's coming up? Ask your Assistant what's due, and stay on top of your tasks. Need some help with all those tasks? Ask your Assistant to give a task to a helpful contact.

New import and export options

You can now import and export your Remember The Milk data in JSON format, so you can keep an archive for your records or use the data in another service. We've also added support for importing tasks from Toodledo and Todoist, in addition to the existing Wunderlist import option. Learn more about importing and exporting your tasks.

Attach files to your tasks

Now you can keep documents, spreadsheets, files, and photos alongside the relevant tasks. Connect Remember The Milk to your Dropbox or Google Drive account, and when you attach a file to a task, we'll upload it to your cloud storage. You can also attach existing files from your Dropbox or Google Drive account to your tasks. Learn more about attachments.

Introducing the new and improved Remember The Milk for Siri

We've expanded Remember The Milk for Siri with updated support for Siri on iOS 11 and watchOS 4. In addition to adding tasks, you can now tell Siri to complete tasks, and ask what's due on a specific day, too.

Remember The Milk for IFTTT is here

IFTTT makes it easy to connect Remember The Milk with other apps and services that you use every day. Applets can help you to add tasks, share your tasks with other services, and get things done. For example, you can automatically add a task to Remember The Milk whenever you star an email in Gmail. Learn more about Remember The Milk for IFTTT.

Introducing Remember The Milk for Apple Watch

Our new Apple Watch app has everything you need to stay organized on the go: add tasks, subtasks, and notes easily with dictation support; quickly complete and postpone tasks; see what's due soon; review your favorite lists, Smart Lists, tags, locations, and contacts; get notified with reminders; and more!

Import your tasks from Wunderlist

With Microsoft's announcement that they'll be retiring Wunderlist, we got a lot of requests for an option to import tasks from Wunderlist into Remember The Milk. We added an import feature under ‘Account settings' then ‘Import' in our web and desktop apps. If you'd like to see support for importing from another app or service, please let us know!

Add tasks faster with Smart Add on the desktop

Adding tasks with Smart Add is super fast, but what if it could be even faster? With the latest update to our apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux, you can add tasks faster than ever with Smart Add on the desktop. Just use a quick keyboard shortcut to bring up Smart Add wherever you are, and start adding!

Find the important stuff quickly with Favorites

Do you have some lists or Smart Lists that feel a tad more important than others? Maybe there are tags or locations that you use pretty often? Or contacts that you're frequently giving tasks to? (Hi, Bob!)

Our new Favorites feature is for you! Choose your favorite lists, Smart Lists, tags, locations, and contacts, and have them all displayed in their very own Favorites group. Now there's no more hunting through the navigation for those super important lists or contacts!

Make the app your own with themes

Bob's favorite colors are blue and white (evidently). While they're lovely colors, have you ever wondered if Remember The Milk could be… just a tad less blue and white? Wonder no more! You can now choose from over 100 beautiful themes to make the web and desktop apps your own. Learn more about themes.

Alexa, meet Remember The Milk!

Our new Skill for Alexa brings the power of Remember The Milk to your Alexa-enabled device.

Tell Alexa to remind you, and she'll add the task to your list. Ready to get things done? Just ask Alexa what's due today. Need some help? Ask Alexa to give a task to a contact, like the ever-helpful Bob T. Monkey.

The new Remember The Milk

Bob T. Monkey
Chief Code Monkey

When Bob told us we'd be building a new Remember The Milk from the ground up, he said we needed to go big. Ridiculously big. Bob thought we should listen closely to all the feedback and suggestions we'd received from you guys, our awesome users, and create the bestest tasks app the world has ever seen. And who are we to argue with a stuffed monkey?

So we coded, and coded... and coded some more. Crazy amounts of caffeine (and in Bob's case, bananas) were consumed. Finally, finally, we were done, and we're now super excited to be bringing you the new Remember The Milk featuring a whole set of shiny new apps.

Brand new apps for the web, Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets, BlackBerry 10, and Fire

Introducing subtasks

Break it down with subtasks

Subtasks break your tasks down into smaller, more manageable pieces. You can create any number of subtasks for a task, and those subtasks can have their own subtasks, too. Whew!

The special thing about subtasks in Remember The Milk is that just about everything a task can do, so can a subtask. Subtasks can have their own priorities, due dates, tags, etc.

New ways to organize

Drag and drop reordering

Reordering your tasks is now as easy as clicking and dragging (and, er, dropping). Want to rearrange your tasks into the order you plan to do them? No problem! You can also drag and drop a bunch of tasks all at once.

Drag and drop to change properties

Drag and drop isn't just for reordering tasks! You can also drag tasks onto the blue sidebar on the left to change their list, tag, location, due date, and give them to others.

For some extra magic, tasks that you drag onto a Smart List will have that Smart List's criteria applied to them. So, if you drag a task onto your Smart List for tasks due today that are high priority, that task will instantly become due today and high priority, too.




Color your tags

Plain blue tags are so yesterday. Make your lists both organized and colorful by choosing your tag colors.

Organize the sidebar navigation

Feeling constrained by alphabetical order? You can now order your lists, Smart Lists, contacts, tags, and locations with drag and drop. Put your most important lists at the top, or only show those with incomplete tasks.

Custom sorting and grouping

Have you always wished you could see your tasks sorted by date added, then priority, then task name, and grouped by list name? Now you can! The new custom sorting and grouping feature does it all.

Adding with Smart Add

Now even easier to use

You can now include task properties (like due date, etc) when adding tasks simply by clicking the icons under the Smart Add bar.

There's also a handy quick picker and auto-complete feature that makes adding even faster. Of course, if you're a keyboard ninja, all your trusty shortcuts are still there.

Include a note with Smart Add

No need to wait until you've added the task! You can now include a note by typing “//” at the end of Smart Add, then entering whatever you'd like your note to say.

New features join Smart Add

Now that you can (spoiler alert!) add start dates and give tasks to others, these features are part of Smart Add, too. Just click the Smart Add icons, or use the shortcuts “~” to include a start date and “+” to give the task to someone else.

Share lists and give tasks

All-new sharing

Sharing is waaaaay improved in the new Remember The Milk! Just click the “Share” button on any list, and add people to share with by name or email address. (If they're not already using Remember The Milk, we'll invite them to join.)

You can choose whether you'd like someone to be able to edit the tasks in the list, or just view them (very handy if you want someone to be able to see what you're working on, but not mess with your tasks!).

Want someone else to be in charge of the list? Just change the owner. Need to stop sharing the list? No problem, you can remove contacts from the share at any time.

Give tasks to others

Need Bob to pick up the milk on his way home? Just give him a task! You can give when adding with Smart Add, or give an existing task by editing the 'Give to' field. Want to give multiple tasks at once? No problem! Just select them all, then hit the “Give to” button above the task list.

Want to check on the tasks you've given to people? Just click “Given to others” in the blue sidebar on the left. You can change tasks after you've given them, so feel free to add notes, or perhaps move up the due date on that important task. ;)

See tasks given to your contacts

The new “Contacts” section in the blue sidebar on the left shows, yes, your contacts! Click any contact to see the tasks you've given them, and add new tasks for them.


See at a glance who you're sharing a list with, or who's been given a task. As awesome as the default avatar is, you might want to update yours by clicking the cog in the top right, then choosing “Account settings”.

Contact cards

You can hover over any avatar to see more details about that contact, including a quick link to see the tasks you've given them.

Get notified

The new Remember The Milk has handy built-in notifications. The bell in the top right will show when someone shares a list with you, gives you a task, adds you as a contact, or joins Remember The Milk after you invite them. You can take actions, like accepting shared lists or given tasks, right from the notification.

To make sure you're always up-to-date, you can also get notified by email or desktop notification.

Invite others

Tasks are more fun with friends! To invite others to join you, just click the “+” icon to the right of “Contacts” in the blue sidebar on the left.

Get reminded

Individual task reminders

Have a super duper important task that you want to be reminded about by Skype 5 minutes before it's due, by email 1 hour before, by desktop notification the day before, and by carrier pigeon 2 weeks before?

With the possible exception of that last option, you can now set individual reminders for each of your tasks. Get reminded by email, IM, SMS, Twitter, mobile, or desktop notification (or all of the above!).

New and improved reminder emails

Our friendly new email format makes it easy to see what's due and when. Need to complete, postpone, or update a task? Just click on the link, and you'll be taken to the task in the app. Plus, the task name is now included in the subject, so you'll instantly know what the reminder's about.

Introducing the Daily Digest

This handy new email helps keep you on top of your day. It's completely customizable, so you can choose whether to just include tasks due (or starting) today, or those coming up tomorrow or in the next 7 days, too. Don't want to forget anything? Include your overdue tasks, too!

Working with dates and times

Start dates

Due dates are great for knowing when tasks are, well, due. But what if you need to know when it's time to start working on a task? You need start dates, and now we have them!

Plus, with the new start search operators, you can even create Smart Lists that hide tasks you can't start yet.

Postpone more than a day

Sometimes postponing by one day just isn't enough. You can now postpone by 2 days, 3 weeks, 4 months... procrastinate to your heart's content!

Into keyboard shortcuts? Use p to postpone more than a day, and shift + p for regular one day postpone.

Introducing the pickers

Calendar picker

Yes, you can still enter due dates in English (or whichever language you prefer), but you can now choose your dates on a calendar, too. January 1, 2016? Just click it!

Quick date picker

Because less typing = more free time! When entering dates in words (e.g., “2 weeks”), you can now auto-complete your choice or select from frequently used dates.

Repeat picker

The handy repeat picker makes it easy to set up everything from a task that simply repeats “every day” to the crazy “every 2 months on the 3rd Saturday for 6 times”.

Default due date

You can now choose whether tasks that you add without specifying a due date have a default due date of today or never.

every month on the last day
every month on the first weekday
every year on the first weekday of january

New repeating options

You can never have too many repeating options. There's 6 new options, and we now understand the terms “weekday” and “weekend day”.

See repeating options

Improved support for changing time zones

If you travel regularly, you'll appreciate this one! We now detect when you're in a different time zone than usual, and prompt you to switch time zones (shifting all your due dates).


Magical search wizard

The search feature has always been crazy powerful, but has required the not-so-friendly advanced search operators. Until now!

The new search wizard makes it super easy to perform advanced searches. Want to find the tasks you've given to Bob T. Monkey that are due this week, priority 1, and tagged with bananas? No problem! Just click the arrow in the search box at the top to get started.

Once you've come up with a search that you like, you can click the 'Save the Smart List' button to easily add a Smart List.

Easy-to-tweak Smart Lists

Changing your Smart List's criteria just got way easier, too. You can use the wizard when editing Smart Lists, or switch to the query editor for even more power.

Bookmarkable searches

You could create a Smart List to save your search, but what if all you want is a quick way to access a search from your browser? Just bookmark it!


New search operators

We couldn't bring you new features without new search operators to go with them! Say hello to 18 new search operators.

See the operators

But wait, there's more!

Built for the latest browsers

The app supports the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, plus the most recent and one previous version of Edge/IE.

Work offline

No Internet connection? No problem! Keep working wherever you are, with automagic switching between online and offline modes.

New keyboard shortcuts

A whole new interface means, you guessed it... new keyboard shortcuts! Just press ? to see a handy guide to all the shortcuts.

See the shortcuts

Bulk update

Need to update the due date, estimate, and add tags for a bunch of tasks at once? Now you can!


Accidentally deleted a task? You'll now find your deleted tasks in a special 'Trash' list.

Printing goodness

A fancy new print format means you can choose what to include, and print individual tasks, too.

Improved notes

You'll find notes under task details, and see who added or edited them. Notes also prompt you to save.

More task info

The little “i” tells you when a task was added and updated, times postponed, as well as its source.

Link tasks to Gmail

Create a task from an email with our Gmail add-on, and a Gmail icon lets you quickly open the related email.

Default fields

You can now choose which task fields are shown by default, and hide the ones you don't use often.

Archived lists

Finished working on a project? Archive it! You'll now find all your archived lists in one place.

Upcoming tasks

Easily see what's coming up with the new Today, Tomorrow, and This Week views of your tasks.


Locations are now included for tasks in shared lists, and when tasks are given. They can be “moved”, too.

Bookmarkable URLs

You can now link directly to tasks and views. Plus, the number incomplete is in the page title.

Retina ready

Got a Retina display? Bob's very jealous, but he's also made sure that everything displays nicely.


The new web app has ARIA support, greatly improving access to the app with screenreaders.

Language updates

The new web app is available in eight languages. We'd love any help making it available in your language!

And more

Plus, a ridiculous number of bug fixes and small tweaks that didn't make this page.

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