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How this works

IFTTT is a service that allows you to connect hundreds of different apps and services together, using simple recipes known as "Applets". If something happens in one app, IFTTT can automatically trigger an action in another app. We've created a bunch of Applets to start with (some of our favorites are described below), but you can create your own, too!

Connect with Gmail

Does your Gmail Inbox sometimes seem more like a to-do list than an inbox? Clear those emails out and add them as tasks to Remember The Milk! With this IFTTT Applet, whenever you star an email in Gmail, a task will be added to Remember The Milk.

Even better, what if you could add tasks with no starring needed? If you regularly get emails that should be tasks instead (say, anything with "bill" in the subject), there's an Applet for adding a task whenever you receive an email with a specific subject in Gmail.

Connect with Google Calendar

Sometimes there are events on your calendar that really need tasks, too. Maybe you have meetings that you want to remember to follow up on later? With this IFTTT Applet, whenever there's a meeting on your Google Calendar, a task to follow up tomorrow will be added to Remember The Milk. (It doesn't just work with meetings; you can specify any word or phrase to monitor Google Calendar events for.)

Don't forget birthdays, either! Whenever there's a birthday on your Google Calendar, there's an Applet that will add a task to Remember The Milk (so you'll always remember to wish happy birthday!).

Want to have all of your new Google Calendar events added to Remember The Milk? You can do that, too!

Connect with Google Drive

Yes, you can view your completed tasks in the Remember The Milk apps anytime, but what if you want them logged in a different format? You can keep a log of every task you complete in a Google Drive document or spreadsheet with these Applets.

Connect with Weather Underground

Got weather-dependent tasks? If tomorrow's weather forecast predicts rain, this Applet will add a task to Remember The Milk, so you can be sure to remember your umbrella or wet weather gear! If you'd like to monitor for other weather conditions, you can make your own Applets that connect Weather Underground to Remember The Milk.

Connect with Pocket and Feedly

Do you use one of these "read it later" services but never get around to, well, reading it later? These Applets are for you!

When you tag an item with a specific tag in Pocket, or save an item for later in either Pocket or Feedly, a task for that item will automatically be added to Remember The Milk too. Now you can have the satisfaction of completing tasks when you actually read those items you've saved. :)

Connect with SMS, voicemail, and Telegram

Yes, you can already add tasks to Remember The Milk via email, Alexa, Siri, Twitter, and more, but we're all for anything that makes adding tasks easier! With these Applets, adding a task is as simple as sending an SMS or leaving a voicemail. You can add tasks by messaging @IFTTT in Telegram, too.

Connect with Philips Hue and LIFX

Completing tasks is a cause for celebration! If you have Philips Hue connected bulbs, this IFTTT Applet can make your lights blink whenever you complete a task with Remember The Milk. With LIFX bulbs, your lights can breathe or blink when you complete tasks.

Connect with Fitbit and Jawbone UP

Remember The Milk can help you to get more sleep (or at least, nag you to get to bed earlier!). Whenever your Fitbit or Jawbone UP indicates that you've slept less than your desired amount, this Applet will add a Remember The Milk task to remind you to go to bed early tonight.

Connect with GitHub

Working on projects in GitHub? Keep on top of your issues with this Applet! Whenever an issue is assigned to you in GitHub, a task will be added to Remember The Milk to remind you to follow up.

Connect with Android phones

Do you miss phone calls, and then forget to return them for days (er, if ever)? If you have an Android phone, this Applet is for you! When you miss a call on your phone, a task will be added to Remember The Milk to make sure you follow up!

And more!

That's not all! We've also created Applets that connect with eBay, iOS Reminders, Nest, Stocks, Twitter, and Vimeo. And you can easily make your own Applets, too! IFTTT has support for over 500 services, and we'd love to see what you come up with.

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