Remember The Milk for BlackBerry 10

Available now at BlackBerry World.


Troubleshooting information for the app is provided below. If you still have problems after reading this page, please contact us.


The scheduled sync isn't working


Your BlackBerry app isn't synchronizing automatically, whether automatically ("Push Sync") or on the schedule you have chosen.


The BlackBerry operating system on your device may require a reboot, it may be necessary to reinstall the app, or push syncing may not be working.


Please try the following steps to resolve the issue:

1. Perform a manual sync.

In the app, tap the sync icon in the bottom left. This may restart the background service, and subsequent synchronizations will continue on schedule.

2. Restart the device.

To restart your device, it may be necessary to consult your device's instructions, but it should be possible to restart most devices by holding down the Power button and then waiting until the device powers off, and then turning the device on again.

3. Reinstall the app.

Note: Before reinstalling the app, it's important to make sure any tasks on the device have synchronized; reinstalling the app will remove any unsynchronized tasks.

To remove the app:

  1. On your device, long press the Remember The Milk app icon.
  2. Press the trash icon.
  3. Confirm that you wish to delete the app.
  4. To install the app again, simply follow the usual installation instructions.

The initial sync takes too long

If you're finding the initial sync is taking a long time, you might wish to set up the app using a Wi-Fi connection (rather than your phone's mobile connection) to speed things up.

The length of time it will take depends on how many tasks and notes you have in your Remember The Milk account. If you have quite a large account (particularly one with many notes), it may take several minutes to sync initally.