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Creating a task in Chrome from a GMail including the URL

cek1227 says:
Actually, this works with any website, but my immediate need is GMail.

I like the GMail extension for FF, but I prefer Chrome. But when I use Chrome, I didn't have a nifty way to easily add an RTM task with the email URL in the task. Yes, I can forward the email to my Inbox, but that includes the email as a note, not a URL.

So, I created a Chrome bookmark called GRTM with the following in the URL field of the bookmark:

#(function(){cp=''+encodeURIComponent(document.title)+'&url='+escape(location.href)+' &list=work&due=today&priority=2&repeat=0&estimate=5 minutes&tags=@projects';,'addwindow','status=no,toolbar=no,width=250,height=660,resizable=yes');setTimeout(function(){w.focus();}, 500);})();

This will open a dialog with most of the fields completed from the defaults in the javascript, with the name of the task taken from the title bar and the URL taken from the URL of the page you're on. If you're in an email, BINGO! A link to your email. If not in GMail, then you have a nice link to that page regardless of what it is. Either way, it's a task to go back to that particular page.

You must log into the mobile website for RTM ( once to get the log in registered.

You can change the defaults in the javascript to suit your own preferences.

I can't get the "list" item to work. I probably need the list ID, but I'm flying w/o the manual, as usual.

I must give credit to the thread about using the Send To feature in Google Reader. I must also give credit to RTM folks who created the normal RTM bookmark for FF (that also works for Chrome).

Not as elegant as I would like, but it gets me mostly where I want to be. Now if we can just get Google Gears working for Chrome on Linux, I'll be camping happily.

If there's a niftier way to do this, I'm all ears. Well ... eyes. It's a forum.
Posted at 7:34pm on August 21, 2009
cek1227 says:
Wait ... something messed up when I posted. It is not "#(function.."

but rather...

"j a v a s c r i p t:(function..." - WITHOUT THE SPACES

Did something convert that when I posted???
Posted 10 years ago
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