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gabrielleli says:

When I'm reading a book, I usually have to stop part-way through. How can I remember the page number, sentence, etc.? Why, RTM of course :) What I do is I write down the title of the book as the 'task name', then in the 'notes' tab I put things like:

*Book Author: Type out an author here, obviously xD
*Page number: Say, 288.
*Page sentence: I type out the sentence I've just read, so I know where to go to. Not always though; I'm pretty lazy.
*Borrowed from: I put a name, the library, or just 'none' if it's my own.

And sometimes, I put down extra things, like which shelf I've put it on, or which 'section'. Yes, I'm a neat freak :D

If it's due on a certain date, or I have to read by a certain time, then I just use that as the due date.


Another way is for Fanfiction stories. I put the title, along with what fanfic it's of; Harry Potter, Twilight, etc.

Notes: Same as above. Except page is replaced by Chapter Number. And exclude the borrowed from, and replace it with the link to it.

But for the due date, if the author has specified a time when he/she will update, or I've sort of estimated an amount of time in which they update, I just put that down. Because I read so much, it's really helpful.
Posted at 5:55pm on August 17, 2009
apgordon says:
Nice. is a good option, too.
Posted 11 years ago
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