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Simple Day to Day Task Management

shenoychandrika says:
My work involves lot of communication with my Team and with my Clients. So when I create tasks I tag them in the following manner

+wip for Work I need to handle and is in progress
+followup for stuff I need to send follow up mails on
+wait for stuff I have already followed up on and am waiting on a response from someone

The reason they are prefixed with a + is so that they can all appear together in the task cloud.

I have smart lists ( one for each tag above) that list out tasks to be done "today" . So in effect I have a WIP2day, Followup2day and Wait2day as my smartlsts.

So when i log in everyday to RTM, it has already scheduled my tasks for me for the day and told me what work i need to do, what I am waiting on today and what needs to be followed up on.

When I start going through my mails, I keep RTM open. All the items that had been followed up on and have received a response - I
process them on the Wait2day smart list. They either turn into +wip or +followup. Those i havent received a response on I postpone to next day.

Work similarly with my wip items and follow up items.

During the day, pickup my Followup2day list and send out all the follow up mails.

At the end of the day, i postpone all the tasks that havent been completed today so that they are available again in my list tomorrow when i log in.

Find these smart lists very effective and it keeps me focused on what I need to do with minimal stress.
Posted at 5:19am on August 13, 2009
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