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Long, undated tasks, phases and tags

(closed account) says:
As a writer I have projects that go in phases, like outlining, drafting, editing etc. Some of these can be broken down into small tasks. Others are just one big task that you can't really break down, but that I'm doing a little bit of most days. I want this task to appear in a list of stuff to do today, but I don't want to put a date on it, or make it a repeating task.

So what I do is: create a list for the project and put in the various tasks. I tag each task with what phase of the project its part of. Is it an outlining task, an editing task, a submitting task? Some phases will have a bunch of tasks, which may even be able to have to do dates eventually. Others have only one task, but it will take a long time, not just one day! Drafting for example.

So it has no date, but I want it on my current stuff to do list, because I need to do some work towards it every day. To get the task onto my To Do list I mark the task I'm working on now with the tage "current". My To Do list is a smart list that looks for all items due Today but also all items with no due date, tagged as "current".

Then it's up to me to put in some work towards that current task! Once its finally finished I mark that complete and another task will be marked as current.
Posted at 10:43am on June 24, 2009
johnfoland says:
I do the same thing, but I use only one list. I use priority instead of the "current" tag.

List: Action (contains next-actions, projects, phases, long tasks, etc.)

Smartlist: ↑All (dueBefore:tomorrow OR list:inbox OR (list:Action priority:1)

That Smartlist gives me anything with a due date (including tasks from my "Routine" list), everything that needs to be processed from my inbox (good to have that cleared out daily), and finally those projects/phases/long-tasks (which sit at the bottom of my list because I sort by date, but one could do the opposite).
Posted 11 years ago
(closed account) says:
Never thought about using the priority instead of a tag. Nice idea, I may switch.
Posted 11 years ago
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