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Recurring tasks for processing & organizing

kateoneill says:
A little while ago, I realized that I have a tendency to overlook some of the smaller, routine things that would make life a little more pulled-together. For example, I would often review items in Google Reader and star the ones I especially wanted to read later, but then rarely go back and read them. Or similarly, I'd favorite tweets with links in them from my iPhone for when I was in front of a full browser to view them, but then never get back to them.

Or even more pressingly, I'd let papers pile up on my home office desk without going through them, processing and recycling what I could and scanning the rest into Evernote. (Evernote and Remember the Milk are a dream team, by the way, but I would LOVE more integration.)

Anyway, I simply started creating tasks for each of these recurring items and tagged them "processing" along with context tags like "@homeoffice" and/or "@offline." I also set each one up to recur on various intervals as needed to get through the routine tasks I sometimes fall behind on.

It's taken some tweaking to get the recurrence on each one to a comfortable level where I'm not overdoing it but also not letting things go, but I've only been doing this for a few weeks and I'm already way more on top of everything and feeling less stress about what I'm overlooking.

Thanks, Remember the Milk, for such great features and such a great tool!
Posted at 3:23pm on June 23, 2009
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