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Location based task lists

rrhine says:
I find it useful to organize my tasks by the way in which they are to be accomplished. For me, this takes the form of Internet Tasks, Mail Tasks, Phone Tasks, In Person Tasks, and Desk Tasks.

I assign each task a tag with "internet", "mail", "phone", "inperson", and "desk" tags, and then I create smart lists to look at each particular tag.

I find this useful since I am often at places, such as my help desk position, where I find I can complete tasks that require the internet or I could write a letter, but I cannot use the phone, and can't get any phone tasks done.

You could even, if you wished, use rajjan's check procedure described on this blog to make sure that each of your tasks has one of these tags assigned.
Posted at 5:28pm on May 2, 2009
anthony.coletti says:
This is similar to how I use tags in Outlook. I have lists like @Home, @Computer, @Errands. I then group my tasks by tags. Projects lists are also based on tags so my projects follow in groups too. This way I can have a task that shows up in multiple lists according to my tags.

My "Do taxes" project may have tasks for @Home (find receipts), @Computer (efile), and @Errands (pick up tax forms). So now I have tasks like "pick up forms" that show up in my for my "Do taxes" project list and on my "@Errands" list with "buy 2 gallons milk".

Now if MilkSync would sync my Outlook tags with my RTM tags, I'd be a happy camper.
Posted 11 years ago
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