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Create tasks from the command line

jose.rojas says:
I am linux user and love the command line because let me do things in a quicker way, so less time wasted in repetitive tasks is more chance to increase the productivity..

So, after several tryouts, i can post tasks directly to RTM from the linux console (works in Mac too)

The trick: Using twitter, we can posts tasks to RTM sending direct messages to @RTM user..(and after configure your twitter with RTM -->

Here is the script


# Script to post tasks directly in
# Developed by Jose R. Rojas - jrojas (at) gmail (dot) com

# Change this values for your twitter's user

# Showing messages in screen
echo "Starting RTM"
echo "Adding the task.. Please wait.."

# we use curl to simulate the user action in a browser
curl -s --basic --user $login:$passwd --data-ascii "status=`echo d rtm $@|tr ' ' '+'`" "" > /dev/null

# More messages :p
echo "It's done.. Next: Start to Getting your Things Done :)"

Put in a file, name it "rtm", put the file in your local executable directory, give it execution permissions (chmod +x rtm) and it's done..

rtm "Post more tips and tricks in RTM Forum"

Best regards!
Posted at 12:11pm on April 7, 2009
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Posted 11 years ago
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