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Remember the tags, location, etc

ralfvd says:
If you enter a lot of entries during the day like myself, it is easy to loose focus on those items, tag them correctly, give them a location or put them in the right group.

For this task, I created a SmartList called "Check". It basically shows all items that still need processing. First, think of which items in a 'todo' you require to be filled in. In my case that is:

- List (not being the Inbox)
- Location (so I know where I need to execute this action)
- Tag (so it will show in in the right smartlists and search actions).

Then, create a search. In my case:

isLocated:false OR isTagged:false OR list:Inbox

Save this search as a smartlist. I called it "Check".

If I go into this smartlist, I immediately see which items need processing. As soon as I have processed them, they disappear.

For extra 'awareness', you can add this Smartlist to other smartlists, so the items are even more visible of processing. Just add a 'OR list:Check' to your filter and the non-processed items will show up.

Hope this tip helps you remember the tags!

Posted at 6:06am on April 6, 2009
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
This last tip (which I take some credit for ;-) works especially well when you add tasks to your complex (ambiguous) smart lists as the newly added task otherwise disappears from view. This way it will remain in view and you can add tags, list, due date etc.
Posted 12 years ago
manning999 says:
Great tip! I think these smart lists would really help streamline the weekly review process. Nice!
Posted 12 years ago
ralfvd says:

you are right, I remember that you were the one that I originally copied this idea from. All credits to you!

Posted 12 years ago
asong6911 says:
hello.I am a fresher of remember the milk ,and I am from china ,I read something about FRM.and I think it is a good way to arrange my things
Posted 12 years ago
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