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Subtasks script?

dan.julian says:
Is there any way to knock together a greasemonkey script or something similar with the API that would allow for subtasks. I know Emily says they have it on their suggestion list but it can't be too hard as it's already available with toodledo AND Google's in-house task app AND Things AND you get my drift...

I'm not a programmer, but I imagine someone here might know one...Any ideas?

I figure if RTM won't get it done, we'll do what we can for ourselves for now.
Posted at 5:28am on April 3, 2009
mark.thomsen says:
Hey Dan! Check out my solution:
Posted 12 years ago
sevenupcan says:
I was working on greasemonkey script that did this by combinging tasks with the same tag name into a exapandable list, however I can't seem to get past an issue when I click on a tab RTM undoes my script.
Posted 12 years ago
dan.julian says:
@mark.thomsen -

Just looked at it and I really like it. It's similar in spirit to how I want to use RTM (fewer lists, more tags). Well done.
Posted 12 years ago
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