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zzz tag and task templates

coachdan007 says:
Can someone point me to the threads that discuss these two topics?
I searched for templates, but those threads were closed due to inactivity. They also seemed truncated from what I recalled.

I need to learn to create a "sleeper tag" that will allow me to hide future tasks until 7 days or so before they're due. When I read about it previously, it kinda went past me cause RTM was still so new. I'm hoping to implement this process.

Also, there was discussions that revolved around creating task templates using the zzz tag.

If someone is willing to help me understand these things offline, I'd appreciate it.

coachdan007 [at] gmail [dot] com.

To flesh this out a little further, I want to be able to do two separate things:

First, to set up repeating "touches" [email, calls, etc.] with clients and prospective clients. So, that I could have a smart list that is @Calls and only shows those calls needed in the next week or so. Some of these calls to existing relationships would be "repeat after...". This way, when ever I actually completed that call, a new one would auto populate 30, 60, or 90 days later.

Second, there is a series of follow up tasks need for various scenarios in my work. "10 things to do to incubate a prospective client". "5 things to do after completing a sales presentation". I'm sure that gives you an idea of the direction.

Thanks to all.

Posted at 3:02am on February 20, 2009
amoslemi says:

I use lists as my projects list, and information inside as project support material. I needed a way to park my someday/maybe projects together so I could see them all in my weekly review. I archive my projects that go stale and I'm to lazy to go through the entire list to see what is in italics and what is not. To resolve this I came up with the idea of adding a zzz to projects that are archive so I can see them all together. This is how I use the zzz tag. Cheers.

~ Ashkan
Posted 9 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Check this thread: Look for the post from 9:26am November 25, 2008

Basically, you use tags like z1d, z2d, z1w, z1m etc and the task won't appear in your smart lists until a certain time before it's due (works with repeated tasks also).

As for the template thing, there are some ideas here:

Good luck!
Posted 9 years ago
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