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RTM Notifier - Desktop rtm client

things_and_stuff says:
I've just finished a desktop rtm notifier for remember the milk, its basic at the moment but you might find it useful


- displays notifications periodically to inform you how many tasks are due

- allows you to configure how often you are notified

- allows you to turn off notifications for X minutes

- gives you quick access to all of RTM’s goodness from the desktop

If your interested you can find it at
Posted at 6:08pm on October 2, 2008
things_and_stuff says:
I forgot to mention that the app also

- changes task bar icon colour according to whether you have due tasks or not so that you can tell at a glance without having to do anything if you have any tasks due, and if you hover the mouse over the icon it will tell you how many tasks are due

- keeps you logged in to remember the milk so that at any time you can click on a button and be taken to your tasks with no login required, this has 2 benefits

- no need to keep a browser window open at rtm or have to keep logging into rtm
- the browser window it uses is faster and more resource friendly than firefox or IE because there are no plugins or other things to slow it down
Posted 10 years ago
mmatonis says:
I recently installed this and noticed that the notifier doesn't play nice with dual monitors. I can keep the notifier on my main display (laptop) but if I try to drag it to my external monitor, the window disappears. ItDoes anyone else have this issue?
Posted 10 years ago
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