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shopping list SMS and Gmail notes not show

melissa.cheney says:
I have a regular phone with little web access, so I use sms. I have google send me sms text when a meeting is due and have the location and details show.
I had hoped that RTM would send a similar sms text, but it only sends the heading of the task - no notes.
Is there a way to have the notes show in the SMS text that is sent to the phone?
Or is there a better way to set up RTM for shopping type lists and have that sent to my phone?
I also use Jott to send me SMS text to remember something.
Prior to trying out RTM, I would set a "meeting" in google with a list in the notes, and have it send a notice to my phone. And if I remembered something on the road, I call Jott and send it to my phone and email, then organize later. Not very efficient, that's why I'm looking at RTM
I started with the name of regular stores as a list and have a first task of say, Current List as the task name, then the items in the notes section. If I remember something on the road, I can call say "Walmart" (list), Water, Dish Soap (task)....
I'm seeing issues with this on my phone sms, but also in gmail - I have a task of Current List (walmart), Current List (Kroger), but there's no way to show all tasks grouped by lists - and neither of them show the notes without going to the RTM site. That's not helpful at all!
Any suggestions or ideas are much appreciated!
Posted at 8:30pm on September 1, 2008
melissa.cheney says:
I found another source for lists - - I can send a text to it for a specific list, and it sends it back to me. I can add to the lists by email and text, not as nice as Jott and calling to add to the list, but workable. I'll just have to call jott, and have it email gubb to add to the list - might work. Then use RTM for actual action tasks, such as go to Walmart - then send a text to grub for my walmart list.
If anyone has any ideas of how to better use RTM to receive my lists as a single text message, I'd love to hear so I'm working with fewer products. - Thanks
Posted 11 years ago
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