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Syncing remember the milk with google calendar without waiting out the 3-6 hour sync time....

noumenontruth says:
If you have tried to sync your remember the milk ical feed with your google calendar, you might notice that it takes a while for tasks to be transferred over to your google cal. Someone mentioned that it usually takes 3-6 hours for the changed to replicate.

Well, I personally prefer to see the changes immediately to make sure my calendar looks OK after I change things around or add things, so I've found something of a work around (although there's a bit of a catch). Maybe some of you already do this and I suppose the solution is a bit obvious but, I wanted to post just in case it might be interesting to some people.

First, you have to choose a third party calendar program that can subscribe to ical feeds (that's the catch ;) ) - I chose sunbird - this a great program that has a nice look and feel to it, and even has an embedded task list, which you can sync directly to rtm as well (there is a post somewhere in this hints and tips forum about that).

As you might have guessed by now, all you have to do is subscribe to both your RTM ical feed and your google calendar ical feet with sunbird (by simply going to file -> subscribe to remote calendar and typing in the rtm ical address). Then, whenever you want, you can hit ctrl - R in sunbird to refresh the remote calendars and see the changes immediately. I also went to tools -> options -> general tab -> refresh options and selected auto refresh, setting a time of 5 minutes (that's quite up to date, if you ask me). Seems to work immediately if I make a change and then refresh with sunbird, and you get to see it in this nice third party visual layout, AND you can see your tasks while offline with sunbird, as well.

There is one other cool feature that I looked into but didn't bother to set up because I don't really feel like it's worth the work to get it working, at least not yet, this link: you can see some instructions on how to set up another third party app so when you change your gcal entries in sunbird, they will be synced back to google calendar (i.e. two way syncing between gcal and sunbird). So, if you follow these instructions, that might be a nice new feature to your newly "synced to gcal" sunbird.

Now, if only we could set it up to two way sync with rtm....that would be sweet. Oh well, that's a project for the future. If anyone figures it out, or knows how to two way sync already with rtm and sunbird (or some similar program), please E-Mail me or post about.

Hope that was useful to at least somebody,

Posted at 7:14am on January 28, 2008
noumenontruth says:
Actually, I worked on it a bit, and pretty easily got the GCALDaemon program to work enabling a two way sync with GCal. Run the config after you install, add your gmail account, then just remember to install and start the service (through start menu links installed with the program) and you are set to go. Works great for me, even updates on google seemingly quickly!

Any ideas how to two way sync remember the milk and sunbird? Now, that would be just absolutely perfect....the key to a truly great task management system syncing out of every orifice (using the word orifice made that sound a bit weirder than I wanted it to but, now I just can't seem to bring myself to delete it cause it fits rather nice :) ). Any ideas are more than welcome!

Posted 10 years ago
thinkspill says:
When you say 'subscribe to both your RTM ical feed and your google calendar ical feet with sunbird'

by google calendar ical feed, do you mean the RTM feed that I've previously added to google? in other words, GCal's ical feed of the RTM ical feed? :P
Posted 10 years ago
noumenontruth says:
:) I subscribed directly to the RTM supplied iCal feed, this way you won't have to wait for googles long update time to see your tasks on the calendar. Instead, you can access it directly from sunbird whenever you would like just by hitting ctrl r, or can set a refresh time of something short like 5 or 10 minutes in the options like I described.

Refreshing sunbird seems to display the changes mere seconds after tasks are added or altered.

Hope this helps,

Posted 10 years ago
menko says:
I would still like to see 2 way sync of tasks between RTM and Sunbird so that you could add a task to your RTM calendar in Sunbird and have it appear in RTM. Is there any way to do this short of GCAL?

Posted 10 years ago
joeduncan says:
See here:

Unfortunately, it is only for a single install, which kind of defeats the purpose.
Posted 10 years ago
donadio says:
you can do that with a remember the milk extension for Lightning in Thunderbird
Posted 10 years ago
suk.sar says:
It is not Working..Please conform how the two calender need to add..If in different Calendar than no event transferring from RTM to Google Calendar..
Posted 9 years ago
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