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Joe's Goals: habits tracking

bzpilman says:
I've tried tracking habits in RTM, but it really didn't work. And it shouldn't, as it wasn't designed for that.

And so, about a month ago, I've found, wich I've been happily using to keep track of habits so far.
Personally, I think the term 'goal' doesn't exactly define it. I still keep my goals in RTM, where they can be tied to projects and next actions, as opposed to Joe's Goal, which is far more linear and very, very simple.

But that simplicity is what makes it so good at doing what it does: help you building, keeping and dropping habits.
And it's free, too :D

Check it out, a suggestion from your fellow rtm user who loves webapps centered on simplicity and ease of use.
Posted at 10:10pm on December 1, 2007
dwr816 says:
I agree, Joe's goals works great for reminders. I use it to remind myself to do things until they become a habit. (E.g., there's a password that's important for me to memorize but I don't use it often enough to memorize it from using the password -- so I have a reminder each day to repeat it to myself so I don't forget it. It's not nearly as flexible or full-featured as RTM, but for frequent reminders and developing good habits, it's just right. And, it's fun to see all the checkmarks add up.
Posted 11 years ago
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