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Separating work and home: two accounts?

apurvamishra says:
Do you use separate RTM accounts for your work and home life? I don't want to see work tasks at home nor home tasks at work. Is separate accounts (linked to separate email addresses) the answer?
Posted at 11:05pm on February 18, 2020
hntopper1 says:
I do not have two accounts; I think you can if you want to spend the money but I don't know of a way to link the accounts. The work around that I have for this is a two-step process:

Step 1 is in the way that I name my lists. For anything related to work, I start the name of those lists with the number 1. So for example: "1. Work_Single Actions", "1. Project A", "1. Project B", and so on. For anything related to personal, I start the name of those lists with the number 2. So for example: "2. Personal_Single Actions", "2. Grocery List", "2. Summer Vacation", and so on.

Step 2 is that I use create SmartLists for actions only relating to Work actions or Personal actions. The query is " ListContains: 1." and by doing that it captures any list containing 1. which in this example would be my Work actions. You can then use this in conjunction with any other query such as "ListContains:1. AND dueDAte:today" or whatever else you need to come up with.

You can create a SmartList for only Work actions or a SmartList for only Personal Actions this way and then add that particular Smartlist to your Favorites.

I hope this helps.
Posted 5 weeks ago
dillo99 says:
For my home tasks I have a "Weekend" List and a "Night" list. I put any home things on one of those lists and then I access them when it is the weekend or during an evening for the night list.
Posted 17 days ago
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