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Business Travel Checklist Template

jondcoleman says:
I travel for work about twice a month and there's always around a dozen tasks I don't want to forget for each trip. As soon as I know about the trip, I want to put the tasks for that trip into RTM.

So what I've done is create a template (just in a text file) like this:

Update personal and travel calendar for [tripname] trip #@computer #Work ^[now]
Book flight for [tripname] trip #@computer #Work ^[now]
Book lodging for [tripname] trip #@computer #Work ^[now]
Coordinate airport transportation for [tripname] trip #@computer #Work ^[now]
Book ground transportation for [tripname] trip #@computer #Work ^[now]
Set out of office Outlook message for [tripname] trip #@computer #Work ^[before]
Update calendar for [tripname] trip #@computer #Work ^[before]
Pass off responsibilities/meetings as needed for [tripname] trip #@computer #Work ^[before]
Enable Zendesk Out of Office for [tripname] trip #@computer #Work ^[before]
Set Slack Message for for [tripname] trip #@computer #Work ^[before]
Set reminder to get gas for rental car for [tripname] trip #@computer #Work ^[before]
Disable Zendesk Out of Office for [tripname] trip #@computer #Work ^[after]
Complete expense report for [tripname] trip #@computer #Work ^[after]
Process notes/followup for [tripname] trip #@computer #Work ^[after]

Then, for each trip, I can simply do a find/replace* for 4 things:
[now] = date for currently due tasks
[before] = date a few days before the trip
[after] = date after trip

Once I've done that, I use the email import feature to import the list.
Posted at 8:50pm on August 17, 2018
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Clever, especially the replace part giving you perfect control of all the tasks.
I would guess that you'll be a Tuesday winner before long!
Posted 1 year ago
fhettenbach says:
love the tip. Will use this on my own trips as I am also traveling 3-4 times per month

I was experimenting with creating a template tasklist with sub- and subtask, but that makes it much easier.
Posted 1 year ago
xtoq says:
Great tip! You can make this even more streamlined by replacing your [after] and [before] with simply [tripdate] and include the X days before in your tasks like so:

Set reminder to get gas for rental car for [tripname] trip #@computer #Work ^2 days before [tripdate]
Process notes/followup for [tripname] trip #@computer #Work ^3 days after [tripdate]
Posted 1 year ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi jondcoleman,

Great tip -- Bob will start using this for all his jet-setting. :)

You're a Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner, and we've added a free year of Pro to your Remember The Milk account. Thanks for sharing!
Posted 1 year ago
starkeycapital says:
Great Tip
Posted 8 months ago
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