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Endless priorities

jordy1971 says:
The number and complexity of projects I have increased lately, and that got me to thinking of how I can more effectively prioritize them. I define a project as a RTM task that has subtasks. That brings me to the first step in my setup. I created a smart list called All Projects defined with the following criteria: hasSubtasks:true AND NOT tag:someday. I sort the list by Priority and then by Task Name and group by Location (I use few locations, most critically one for work and one for home.) So now, I have parsed out my personal and professional projects into distinct groups. Next comes prioritization.

Currently, RTM only supports four priorities -- 1, 2, 3, and nothing. I want more finely grained prioritization than that, so here is what I do. I use the RTM priorities for broad categorization. Priority 1 is for critical projects that could have a serious effect on revenue, customer service, or the health and safety of my family. Priority 2 covers important things that might have a hard, looming deadline but not as life threatening as Priority 1. Priority 3 and Nothing, of course, are buckets for everything else. Even lower than a Nothing priority is my dreaded "someday" tag, which effectively flushes the project down the memory hole.

Now that the projects are sorted into broad groups, I further rank the projects by prefixing the task name with a two-digit number like 01, 02, 03, etc. For me, this two-character prefix isn't too distracting, especially since projects don't clutter up my other smart lists as I have defined them. Since RTM sorts numbers before letters in task names, my smart list stays sorted from most to least important no matter how many projects I have. (Thinking about it, the RTM priorities could be done away with and just the task names used. Or tags. Whatever.) But with this setup, the choice of where to put my energy is obvious.

When priorities change, shuffling things around isn't too difficult. Fiddling with a project's RTM priorities and task names isn't hard, even on the mobile app.

Thanks, and good luck!
Posted at 7:28pm on August 10, 2017
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi jordy1971,

Thanks for sharing your tip! This is a really neat way to organize projects. You're this week's Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner, and we've added a free year of Pro to your Remember The Milk account. :)
Posted 3 years ago
ftyteca says:
Hi Jordy
Thanks for your tips. Could you be more precise on the projects organization ?
Are you keeping Projects as :
- tasks and subtasks or as
- list/smart list and tasks

I am looking in a way to organize my project as agile/scrum sprint.
Each sprint means I will deliver a package.
This package include some tasks.
And it will be one or two week long.
Thanks by advance
Posted 3 years ago
ftyteca says:
By the way after many tries I decided to adopt your system.
It works really fine. :)
Posted 3 years ago
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