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show due and general nearby tasks

dominic.spachmann says:
I did not use the "nearby" function very much, since it shows all tasks nearby without a filter on what is relevant now.

With a clever smart list in my favourites this changed:

I use location for two purposes:
1. tasks that are due at a curtain date and bound to a location
2. my shopping lists that are bound to a location e.g. the supermarket

I now created a smart list "__NEARBY" and put it in my favourites: "locatedWithin:500m AND (dueBefore:Now OR startBefore:Now OR due:never)"
The tasks in this list are grouped by due date.

This list now shows all tasks nearby that are relevant to me:
Tasks, that are due and where the location is nearby and all tasks that have to be done nearby, which have no due date.

So I see, what really has to be done nearby.

(hope, you see my point despite my English ;) )
Posted at 10:02am on March 20, 2017
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