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life event planning and followup

dougbrown77 says:
I am a minister and so my examples are in some ways specific to my calling however one can easily replace listed events with one's own.

I regularly plan and follow up after funerals, weddings, hospital visits, counseling sessions, teaching sessions, and church wide events to mention few. Therefore I have a list for each one of those general categories.

I will use the Funeral list for the rest of my example:

When "Joe Smith" passes away I will create a task in the "Funeral" list named Joe Smith.

I then create subtasks.

One subtask is "Joe Smith passed away". I give that subtask a start date and due date which equals the day he died. I give it a recurring date of every 1 year. This reminds me in one years time and I am reminded to make contact with significant family members.

Another subtask is entitled "funeral service" I can then choose to create subtasks for funeral service if I feel certain elements need to be acted on at a later date. (Such as find someone to sing music) Or I can choose to add notes that help me to incorporate facts or stories into the service.

Another subtask is "family and friends followup" I can then choose to add subtasks under this that subtask that includes various individuals that may need further contact after the funeral. These subtasks will help me to remember to call or visit individuals. I may choose to record notes which RTM helpfully auto tags with time and date recorded.
Posted at 3:26am on December 28, 2016
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