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Confirm delivery of items from Amazon

rossgoodman says:
If you buy lots of items from Amazon (guilty as charged) it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of what you have ordered and when it should be coming and occasionally something can slip through the cracks.
As I have my RTM account and my Twitter account linked there is a handy feature you can use.

When you complete a purchase with Amazon (UK version at least - I'm assuming it's the same in the international versions) they give you an option to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or EMail that "I just bought ...."

If you select the twitter option and then ALWAYS make sure you prefix the message with D RTM then the item can be added to your list.
I tend to edit the "I just bought ...." to become "Confirm delivery of ..." and then add the suffix "#Shopping ^1 week" so that it is categorised correctly.

You can also use the e-mail feature to do the same - but "your" RTM e-mail address is a bit harder to memorise.
Posted at 11:49pm on December 19, 2016
rossgoodman says:
PS @RTM Twitter account - please ignore my last few tweets - they should have been DMs instead - I forgot to follow my own instructions !

Posted 3 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi rossgoodman,

Great tip! You're this week's Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner, and we've added a free year of Pro to your Remember The Milk account. :)
Posted 3 years ago
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