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Annual Events

raymond.finn says:

With Christmas fast approaching I thought I would share a very simple thing I do when it comes to getting ready for Annual events (or even any project that recurs time and again)

For each event I create its own list. For the first time through I create tasks as and when I need them then complete them as and when I can.

Once the event is over and done with I archive it off so I don't have it think about it anymore until next time.

When its time to start thinking about the event again I take it off archive and simply uncomplete all the tasks.

I now have a starting list of tasks which I can amend, delete or add to as I like.

This means for this Christmas I already have a set of tasks including who to buy presents for, who to send cards to (with addresses ready in the notes section) what preparations I have to make for Xmas dinner and so on.

Once Christmas is over I can archive it off until next year and unarchive off the next event such as my wife's birthday, Valentines day, our wedding anniversary or our summer holiday - all with a starting set of tasks ready to go.
Posted at 3:47pm on December 15, 2016
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