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Tracking what you Read and what you Want to Read!

dillo99 says:
My wife and I read a lot and we often read series. Unfortunately I can’t always remember what I have read and it is especially difficult if I am looking up a series to see if anything is new. I use this system to track what I’ve read and what I want to read.

Step 1: Create a list called Books

Step 2: Anytime anyone suggests your read a book add it to the list. I always enter the book as “Title, Author (Series - #).” Series is only entered if this is part of a series. So an example might be: “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Steig Larsson (Millenium – 1).”

Step 3: After you read a book, mark it as complete. If you want to see all your read books you can just select “Completed” on the RTM interface.

Step 4: If you are reading a series, go ahead and enter the next book in the series as soon as you hear about it. Even if you don’t know the name of the book, go ahead and enter a marker for the next member of the series “(Millenium – 2)”. You can even embed a link to the author’s website so you can always easily get a status on the next book in the series. If you know the date the book comes out you can enter that as a due date and then easily check back when that date pops up. Your read list should now contain all of the series you are currently reading or plan to read.

Step 5: If you want to get fancy and you read lots of different types of stuff (articles, web sites, books, etc.) you can you the same approach but add some tags. To use that method I would create two lists – one called “Read Work” and one called “Read Pleasure”. Enter your items to read as described above but you may want to add a tag if the item is an “Article” or a “Book”. You can also set up recurring web sites that you want to visit – just enter a date and set up a recurring task at whatever frequency you want.

That’s about it! Happy Reading!
Posted at 8:00pm on December 14, 2016
darhull says:
This is a cool idea! As an avid reader this gets me all excited, lol!
Posted 3 years ago
michael.frantz says:
I think you would be better off joining . Under your account you will have bookshelves: 1) read‎, 2) currently-reading, 3) to-read‎. There is a lot of functionality on the site including user reviews that you won't have access to in RTM.
Posted 3 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi dillo99,

Great tip for those of us with neverending reading lists. :)

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Posted 3 years ago
robert.ward says:
Cool to see I'm not the only one doing this. I've got my reading history in RTM as far back as 2011. I even do the same thing with tags as you suggest. I actually get a little more detailed (probably to a fault) where I will tag things with a specific topic such as flying, parenting, ww2 (I like history), etc.
Posted 3 years ago
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