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Vitaminizing RTM priorities

mtitos says:
For me, the three priority levels that allow RTM to be allocated are few.

I've defined ten tags with numbers from 1 to 10 to assign personal priority to tasks.

I use these tags to assign a broader range of priorities. When I review the tasks of the day (or of the week) I assign a tag with a number and it say to me the order of execution of my tasks.

It is very useful for me and I hope it serves you.

Posted at 10:25am on November 11, 2016
markfriedman says:
I just started using it. I changed my top Priorities to 1-10 Tags and it is working wonderfully. I set up a Smart List for Tags 1 or 2 or 3, etc and set advanced sort to be Tags and then alpha. So I see all 1-10 Tag Priorities and they are sorted 1-10.

For me the Priorities only had 3 levels but more importantly the second and third were both colored different shades of blue which did not work well for me.

Thanks for the tip.
Posted 3 years ago
mtitos says:
I'm glad it worked for you too. You're welcome
Posted 3 years ago
plainclothes says:
To be clear, there are actually 4 priority levels. Which is adequate for most users. Beyond that priority can become overly granular. But to each his own.

As for the colors, I've always found RTMs priority colors confusing. I use a User script to change a number of visual details, and the priority colors and the most critical change in the style sheet.

/* Change the priority label colors -- div specificity to override defaults */
/* !4 */
div.b-db-Lm-En, div.b-En { background-color: transparent; }
/* !3 */
.b-db-Lm-Yq div.b-db-Lm-En, div.b-En.Yq { background-color: #a5c9ff; }
/* !2 */
.b-db-Lm-Xq div.b-db-Lm-En, div.b-En.Xq { background-color: #fb0; }
/* !1 */
.b-db-Lm-Wq div.b-db-Lm-En, div.b-En.Wq { background-color: #d00; }

On a separate note, if RTM would stop using minified class names that change from release to release, it would make my hack so much more manageable.
Posted 3 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi mtitos,

Thanks for sharing this helpful tip! :) You're this week's Tips & Tricks Tuesday winner, and we've added a free year of Pro to your Remember The Milk account.
Posted 3 years ago
jcrusselljr says:
great tip - i did make an enhancement request previously for priorities to include ^4 through ^9 -- that would go a long way to neatly organizing the order of task completion by use of priority.

Ordering of tasks is the ONE thing missing from a complete RTM solution for organizing a list
Posted 3 years ago
olaf1303 says:
Owe you a beer.. big one.... I worried about workarounds on restriction to four levels of priority from first day of digging myself into free rtm not long ago, without loosing ability to use methods I used in prior system, am still using in business sytem.....

My solution so far was using location, defining places like: Value A to Value F, and in pro using sort by and group functions on that places.. your solution is way better, may it extend the list of tags, infects readability of navigator, these ten tags are easy to memorize and use..
Just 1 little variation I'd like you to think about, hope you may like it:
do not only name tag 1 to ten, rather name them by identifying them as priority like this: p1 to p10, or pr1 to pr10 ....
1) If you like talking tags, or maybe come up with the idea of another set of numerated tags for another purpose, you are prepared...
2) If you query e.g: NOT tagcontains:pr you get every task listed you forgot to priorize... or maybe intentioned to priorize today....
3) when you use pr1 to pr10 in name of task or note, you can put query on: tag:pr(x) or name:pr(x) or note:pr(x) which enables you to reason f.ex. why you choose that specific priority in text..... even without or befor tagging it.... with tag like 1 or 5 you cannot query on name or note without getting rubbish like 1500000

I also see no need for ten levels of priority, but like to be free to choose my own great idea thanks
Posted 3 years ago
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